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Name: CWO D. Bergeron - #062
Date of message : 10 November 2008
E-mail address : BERGERON.JHD@forces.gc.ca
Website address :
Unit served: DLCSPM Directorate CWO
Present Location: National Capital Region

a. Viewing Details:

i. Location: Cooperative Funeraire de l'Outaouais; 1369 boul de la Verendrye Ouest, Gatineau.

ii. Viewing times: Friday 14 November from 1400 - 1700 hrs and from 1900 - 2200 hrs.

b. Religious Ceremony:

i. Location: Paroisse Jean XXIII; 1194 boul St-Rene Ouest, Gatineau.

ii. Timings: Saturday 15 November at 1100 hrs.

iii. Priest: Abbé Cantin.

c. Reception:

i. Location: Légion #58; 86 rue de la Baies, Gatineau.

ii. Timing: following ceremony.

Instead of flowers, the family requests that donations be made to the following organization.

The Ottawa Hospital Foundation
5 West -- BMT Unit
737 Parkdale Avenue, 1st Floor
Ottawa, ON K1Y 1J8
fax: (613) 761-5014
email: The Ottawa Hospital Foundation


Name: Greg Curran - #061
Date of message : 7 November 2008
E-mail address : jumper38_1@hotmail.com / gregncurran@yahoo.ca
Website address :
Unit served: AB HQ & Sigs
Present Location: Kingston ON
Comments: Best years of my life and career was with the Airborne Regiment. Served from 85 to 87 and then again was attached with the Regiment in Somalia, and contrary to what was all said, the Troops did a spectacular job over there.


Name: Allen N. Arngrimson - #060
Date of message : 16 October 2008
E-mail address : sgt_arnie@hotmail.com
Website address :
Unit served:
Present Location:

I don't ever agree in sending any sort of chain mail, because i believe it wastes time; sometimes. I just want to share a little news about myself. Seeing as it has been a long time since I have had the pleasure in talking to you. The news i am sharing is nothing amazing but rare at least, and impressive to some degree. On October 11 2008 at 10:00hrs I went for a jump and had to do something i knew some day i was going to have to do, just didn't think it was going to be that day. As I climb out of the aircraft, and hanging onto the strut of the plane as the wind is blowing by thy. I then release my hands and descend towards earth while maintaining arch (position in air) and hollering 'Arch 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, check 1000!... ' I then look up to see my canopy and to my surprise 0% parachute opening, I continue to fall and look at both my main parachute disconnect handle and my reserve handle. I pull my main and nothing happened (thinking my main would at least remove it's self from me), then I deploy my reserve and instance success. I continue to land on the land and received no injuries. It was my first reserve opening and I'm all here to jump another day.

Talk later
To whom ever responds.
Best of wishes to All


Name: Ben Murdock - #059
Date of message : 15 October 2008
E-mail address : ben.murdock@shaw.ca
Website address :
Unit served:
Present Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Hi Jumpers, I just rec'd word of the passing of John Northwood, WO, retired, CAR, from a vehicle accident on Fri, and passed away on Sat, on the request of the family, John requested that he did not want any service, he will be cremated and family only. John resided here in Edmonton, he had 3 sons and 1 daughter, John had diabetes and the family said, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the following:

Canadian Diabetes Association
1010-10117 Jasper Ave,
Edmonton, Ab, T5J 1W8

Condolences can be sent to:



Name: Bob McBride - #059
Date of message : 15 October 2008
E-mail address : robert.mcbride@sympatico.ca
Website address :
Unit served:
Present Location: Petawawa, Ontario

Dress for the occasion is jacket and tie (Regt blazer and tie if you have it) w/medals. The Legion has asked me to come up with a ball park figure on attendance. I’ve already heard from Kim McAndrew and Steve Anderson. Please let me know if you and your spouse are attending or if you know of anyone else. Piper is coming from our Branch, Stewart MacDonald. If any of you wish to say a few words it will be welcome. Again please let me know and I’ll give the Padre a heads up. At this stage, I intend to say a few words on behalf of the assn.

Thanks goes to the national side of the house in getting the word out so quickly and sending a sympathy card to Cathy. I’ll be following up with a special card from the Branch here as well. Pro Patria.

The memorial service will be held at 1400 hrs at the Petawawa Legion on Sat 18 Oct. Those attending should be seated no later than 10 mins prior. The service will be followed by a light lunch provided by the Legion. The presiding Chaplain will be Padre Lavoie from the Base Chaplaincy. Anyone wishing to say a few words on behalf of Pat should let Padre Lavoie know prior to the service. Pro Patria.


Name: Bob McBride - #058
Date of message : 14 October 2008
E-mail address : robert.mcbride@sympatico.ca
Website address :
Unit served:
Present Location: Petawawa, Ontario
Comments: It is with the deepest regret that I must inform you all that Pat Eager passed away this morning at his home here in Petawawa. Pat was a staunch supporter of everything Royal Canadian and an active member of the Upper Ottawa Branch for many years.

Pat is currently resting at Malcolm, Deavitt & Binhammer Funeral Home, 141 Renfrew Street, Pembroke (613 732 3637). In accordance with Pat’s wishes, the family will not hold a wake or visitation. Again, in accordance with Pat’s wishes, there will be no formal funeral service and he will be cremated. A memorial service will be held at the Legion in Petawawa, Details are yet to be confirmed. Tentative date is this coming Sat, 18 Oct. I will be able to confirm specific timings and the date once the Legion confirms the availability of their facility.

Cards of condolence and sympathy are welcome and can be sent to his wife Cathy in care of their daughter, Klya Buffet, at 3220 Dundonald Drive, Petawawa, K8H 2V1. More to follow once I have confirmed the memorial details. Pro Patria.
Answer Pat was a staunch supporter of all things Airborne....he will be missed by the airborne community.


Name: Al Truelove - #057
Date of message : 10 August 2008
E-mail address : soldier1@videotron.ca
Website address :
Unit served:
Present Location:
Comments: Retirement Luncheon for Phil Sipley, AB HQ&Sigs and CABC, curator RCOC museum.

Date: Wednesday, 27 August 08.

Time: 1100-1500hrs.

1100hrs - Assemble at RCOC Museum. Tour of Museum/Words/Presentations;

1215hrs - Adjourn to the Officers/WO Mess for lunch;

Place: Longue Pointe Officers/WOs Mess.

Lunch will be available for attendees. Cost $5-$7.

Congratulatory messages/emails may be sent to Dagenais.JLM@forces.gc.ca

Those pers who plan to attend lunch pls advise me.


Name: Marv Doney - #056
Date of message : 6 February 2008
E-mail address : mcd@mountaincable.net
Website address :
Unit served: n/a
Present Location: n/a
Comments: Veteran Motorcycle License Plates for the Province of Ontario - Petition


Name: Marvin Watson, Commanding Officer - #055
Date of message : 29 January 2008
E-mail address : watson.mw@rcmacademy.ca
Website address : http://www.rcmacademy.ca
Unit served: n/a
Present Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Comments: RCM Academy is the first of its kind in Canada to offer instruction in civil engineering programs, military science and Canadian military history. RCMA will be Canada\222s first military theme school for youths and one that will remember the great sacrifice our military personnel pay for our freedom.

RCM Academy will be an educational institution that challenges students in all areas of academia and will also heavily promote Canada\222s rich military heritage and traditions in the classroom and through varied external activities. The curriculum is designed to develop minds, bodies and character, to prepare young Canadians for future challenges. It will assist them in becoming effective leaders, role models, and citizens in our Canadian society.

RCM Academy will place great emphasis on athletic as well as sportsmanship development within its curriculum as well as through recreational and military programs to encourage discipline, team building, and perseverance as well as self esteem to strengthen character. The Academy will provide our young citizens faced with varied difficulties a safe and structured environment where they will receive important academic and moral support while they develop social, physical and disciplinary skills that will guide them into socially responsible and active citizens in adulthood.

The underlying philosophy of the Academy is to use education both in the classroom and through organized activities to prepare youths to recognize that each person is responsible for their fellow citizens along with a patriotic duty to community and country after graduation. The Academy will enable our young people to see the importance of their role within a community and compel them to contribute. The province of Ontario and Toronto specifically, has the highest youth population in Canada, many of them without any sense of direction or opportunity. RCM Academy will be able to provide that focus and positive direction using a military environment.

RCMA will build a standard of educational programs and activities rooted in tradition and reflect our strong Canadian military history designed to build discipline, motivation, and responsibility, accountability. The Academy will create future leaders, and represent academic as well as educational excellence. RCMA is a not-for-profit organization under the Canadian Corporation Act and is registered and approved by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

The academy is endorsed by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has also conveyed her good wishes to the academy. We at RCMA are compelled to teach our young citizens the important of duties. We are asking for our organization support in this development for out youths.

The Academy\222s Honourary Colonels Council is currently looking for members to become Honouaray Officers.

We are also looking for an Academy Regimental Sergeant Major and Drill Sergeant Major.

We are looking for a retired/active Captain or major to appoint adjutant of the Academy.


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