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Operational Stress Injury Social Support
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Canadian Airborne Forces Museum

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Wounded Warriors Fund The fund is designed to deliver quality of life, financial, benevolent and moral assistance through five different streams of support. See the website for more information.

New England, Chapter IX, 173rd Ab

"Greetings from Chapter IX ... We are very proud of our affiliation with your warriors. Our Chapter has been given the privilege of including in our Chapter former and current members of Canadians assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade. This is not a matter that we take lightly. We honor our warriors, past, present, and future. Helping to spread this would be greatly appreciated. We believe in leaving no man behind."

Operational Jumps History of Military Operational Parachute Jumps
Ontario Motorcycle Rides This group does much to help veterans

Support the Troops, Memorials, Dedications

I Soldier On Francine Leclair - I Soldier On
Wreaths Across Canada Wreaths Across Canada
Billy Willbond International War Veterans' Poetry Archives
Canadian Veterans Advocacy Canadian Veterans Advocacy group
Canadians In Afghanistan International Security Assistance Force Memorial
Wave After Wave ... Songs and Poems of Jean De La Croix honouring Canadian Veterans
PPCLI Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry Official Site


Sites that deal with the history of the Canadian Airborne Regiment
1 Canadian Parachute Battalion Old photos on the Library & Archives web site
Duty & Valour A website created as a "wiki" and dedicated to Canada's military History that anyone can edit.  Quote from the creator, Aaron Greyling..." I am currently a serving member of the Canadian Forces, a former infantryman of eight years and a current supply technician. I’m also the webmaster of a new online community geared towards our common interest – the Canadian Forces. Our official title is Duty & Valour, the Canadian Forces Wiki and we can be found at . I first came up with the idea of this site in the final weeks of my recent tour to Afghanistan, where I got the desire to create an online encyclopedia and repository for all information about the history and current on-goings of the Canadian Forces. Thus, earlier this year, I created Duty & Valour."
The Royal Canadian Regiment The Royal Canadian Regiment    -   Home page

Somalia Journals

Canadian Airborne Regiment
Wikipedia Article on the ARAC An article on Wikipedia about the Canadian Airborne Regiment

Timothy Coderre's Site - Home page

Creation of The Regiment by T.C.

This website has not been updated since Mar 2001, disregard it's kitshop link. The Kitshop moved from Petawawa to Gatineau in 2003.
ARMY.CA Page concerning the Airborne Regiment
Canadian Airborne Related Links
CJATC RIVERS, MANITOBA This link points to page three but all 9 sections are good
CAFA / AFAC Canadian Airborne Forces Association
Canadian Airborne Brotherhood Tip: Turn your sound down before you click that link Canadian Airborne Regiment members page What is JTF2?
Government of Canada Canadian Special Operations Forces Command
U.S. and Other Foreign Sites
Airborne Rangers U.S. Army site
Paratroopers of the 50's The Deadly Angels, Death From Above
Colonel Holeman's Para Pages Colonel Holeman's Para Pages
The Drop Zone The Unknown Story of the Men and Women of WW2's OSS
Video Crazy parachuting
RCMA Royal Canadian Military Academy