What is ARAC?

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What Is ARAC?

In 1977, the Canadian Airborne Regiment relocated from Edmonton to Petawawa. At that time, the Regiment Commander formed the Airborne Regiment Association of Canada (ARAC). Its forerunner had been formed as The Airborne Regiment Association in Alberta (ARBA) and was only legally valid in Alberta. All members posted to the airborne Regiment, once cleared, became a member of either ARAC or ARBA depending on the Commander of the Regiment at the time of their posting.

Today ARAC participates in a number of events & ceremonies each year. Some of these are The Airborne Regimental Birthday Dinner every April, the Commemorative Ceremony at Wegner Point every May in Honor of our soldiers who drowned in the Ottawa River, the UN Day Parade, Remembrance Day and a number of other Social activities. All this despite the disbandment of the Airborne Regiment.

In addition, late in the fall, ARAC conducts it's Annual General Meeting followed by a well attended Christmas Dinner and Dance function with honored Guest Speakers.

So as you can see, ARAC is an association alive with enthusiasm & providing it’s members with activities and opportunities to meet and socialize on a fairly regular basis.

As a past serving member of the Regiment, it gives me great pleasure to serve as ARAC Association President. I welcome you to our Site, and I take this opportunity to thank all of you, who support our Association by attending our numerous functions and serving on our Executive Committee

As you navigate through our site, I wish you an excellent and enjoyable visit and I hope that it will meet your expectations.



Dan Clarke, former President, ARAC


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