Claude Gratton, Cyprus 1974

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Claude Gratton, Cyprus 1974


  • Me entering my room, Maple Leaf Manor
  • Sentinel
  • Me on left and Cpl André (Gino) Roy in front of canteen, Maple Leaf Manor
  • Me and Herman (Monster) in our wet canteen that we just finished renovating on Invasion Day 20 July and before evacuation
  • Me with "one arm bandit" in renovated canteen, on Invasion Day, 20 July and before evacuation
  • One of the views on the "Green-line", before getting on the "Red-line"
  • Me in front of my painting in the canteen, Maple Leaf Manor, on Invasion Day and just before evacuating
  • In the canteen, waiting for debriefing on Invasion Day, Barman is Cpl Gaudreault and at bar is Cpl André Roy
  • Taken from the roof, Maple Leaf Manor
  • Taken from the roof, Maple Leaf Manor
  • Behind the Maple Leaf Manor, Turkish House
  • New's Reporters arriving at the Maple Leaf Manor, The "Coup"
  • Taken from the roof, Maple Leaf Manor
  • I'm trying to hide my camera. This is round-point in front of "Paphos Gate" on the right and in the middle you see a Tank! This was during the "Coup" before Invasion Day
  • On the roof, Maple Leaf Manor, Invasion Day, the Turks were jumping but my camera was an instamatic so can't see them
  • Patrol on the "Red-line", JC Berger was my driver before the Coup, left side of the street is Turkish. Notice the "views" for bunker
  • Patrol on the "Red-Line" before the "Coup". Right Side of the stree is Greek. Notice the "views" for bunker. Also notice how we were equiped...a damn broom stick as a flag holder.
  • School where students were killed by the Turks. I think it is a school house on the Green-line
  • Me on my bed, writing a letter or taking notes, Maple Leaf Manor
  • Patrol on the "Green-line" in Nicosia, left is the Turks and the right is the Greeks, during the Coup
  • Along side the "Green-line"
  • View of "pass-way" in the Maple Leaf Manor. I'm standing in the Exit.
  • This the "green-line" and the Maple Leaf Manor. You can see the entrance and exit between is our canteen where Guy is sitting.
  • Another view of the "Green-line"
  • Me, in front of the "Ferettes" before going on patrol in them. Several days after the invasion, at the Ledra Palace, Notice that there are no flak jackets
  • Me, took "camo" off my helmet, while house cleaning the Ledra on the 21st or 22 July, still shooting going on outside. I am taking booze from the bar!
  • Me and trooper Michel Beauchemin on invasion day, after the debriefing from Capt Forand
  • Evacuating the Maple Leaf Manor, Invasion Day

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